Conveyancing Costs

Posted on March 16th, 2017

It is not uncommon for clients to complain about the high prices that conveyancers ask for. What exactly can be termed under “high prices” is hard to say but there are ways to determine if you’re making the most of what you’re paying to your conveyancer. There are a couple of factors that can determine if you’re getting what you’re paying for. But before that, let us tell you what exactly a conveyancer is. A conveyancer is qualified to handle matters that deal with transfer of property or land.

Now that we know what they are, let’s talk about the factors that count when choosing your conveyancer.

Don’t be fooled by low quotes

Many a times, clients tell us about this certain conveyancing service that offers a quote that is unbelievably low. The catch is that many companies or law firms quote very low prices for conveyancing to lure in clients, but they don’t mention policies like Fixed Price or No Purchase No Fee.

This means that while a quote might be low initially, it could change at the end when the deal is completed because there’s not a fixed price clause. A “No Purchase No Fee” is useful if the deal falls short for some reason. This clause makes sure you don’t have a pay a dime if the conveyancing services didn’t do anything for you.

Inquire About the Included Services

Instead of assuming that all conveyancing law firms work in the exact same way, inquire about the services they provide under conveyancing. This can include charges like searching charges, fees of the conveyancers, disbursements and legal procedures where the firm spends their own money.

These are mostly the things that are covered in a conveyancing quote.

So, instead of always going for the lowest quote you are offered, try to look into the details of the services. Make sure they are affordable and offer policies that are beneficial to the client.
While a cheap quote might be appealing at the start, good policies and guarantees like Fixed Pricing and No Purchase No Fee are mainly responsible to keep the charges at a possible minimum.

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