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Conveyancer Sydney NSW is a division of Platinum Lawyers (NSW) Pty Ltd. Platinum Lawyers are professional Property Lawyers specialising in Conveyancing. Conveyancer Sydney NSW carries with it the reliable services that Platinum Lawyers (NSW) Pty Ltd. has provided again and again. Like other divisions of Platinum Lawyers, our Property Lawyers will provide expert legal advice to assist you through what can otherwise be a trying and confusing experience. With our Conveyancers, your experience will be stress-free and will grant you peace of mind because you will have a guarantee of expert knowledge.

We have the skills and experience to handle any Conveyancing or property issue that arises and, because we are qualified lawyers, you get the best possible advice at all times. We service clients from all areas of Sydney and assist with Conveyancing and property transactions throughout NSW for both local and international investors. Whether you are a first time buyer or a savvy investor, our expert advice will give you the tools you need to be successful while managing this process.


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Conveyancer Sydney NSW offers a simple, cost effective experience that helps you manage some of the biggest decisions you will be making, whether you are purchasing or selling. We can minimize the risk you will face as you prepare to put your hard work on the line in these necessary but sometimes overwhelming transactions. Our Conveyancers have a deep understanding of the complex network of laws that will help you navigate through the process with guidance and confidence regardless of your prior experience. With our guidance, you can rest comfortably knowing that you will receive the best advice possible that will help you in your decision-making. Any questions or concerns that you have can easily be addressed by our expert Conveyancers.

All of our Professional Property Lawyers are specialised in Conveyancing in Sydney and NSW, assuring that you will have a personalised experience. State laws vary, and Conveyancer Sydney NSW can guarantee a specialised knowledge for all areas of Sydney. These laws can be especially confusing for people who are moving to new areas, are international investors, or who don’t have prior experience with property laws in Sydney or NSW. With Conveyancer Sydney NSW, you can rest assured that our specialisation will guarantee a smooth and low risk process.

Our Conveyancers carry with them the prestige not only of Platinum Lawyers, but also the prestige and knowledge associated with lawyers as professionals. Their status as Professional Property Lawyers guarantees a specialised knowledge. Indeed, qualified Conveyancers are the best help you can have when you begin to look into buying or purchasing properties. They carry with them indemnity insurance, which means that you, as our client, can have a low stress and low risk experience. Our low cost fixed rate means that any question you have about your property transaction can be answered with no extra stress for our clients.

Platinum Lawyers has committed to low cost fixed fee Conveyancing, meaning that you can be guaranteed an affordable experience with our expert Conveyancers at a flat fee. Every stage of your process will be handled with care and diligence by our Lawyers and Solicitors, whose qualifications will allow you peace of mind throughout an otherwise overwhelming transaction. We understand that so much of your accomplishments rest on these transactions, and we can guarantee low risk through our qualified advice that will help you through this process. With our low cost fixed fee, you will be able to have a comfortable and low stress experience for less, a guarantee committed to by Platinum Lawyers. We understand the financial and legal facets involved in property transactions, and we can help protect your financial assets throughout your transaction as a result. You can count on a professional and understanding team to help you.

Enjoy a new found peace of mind with our Conveyancers, whose professional qualifications and expert knowledge mean that you can have a low stress, low risk experience. Our low cost fixed fee guarantees expertise and specialisation for less. Enjoy the simplicity and comfort of having qualified Property Lawyers and Solicitors there to help you through a process that can otherwise be confusing. Our professionals can answer any questions regarding your transactions, offer you advice, and make sure your assets are protected. Buying or selling doesn’t have to be a frightening experience.


Our services include advice or representation on:

  • All residential Conveyancing, including
  • Buying a house, unit or property
  • Selling a house, unit or property
  • First Home Buyers
  • All commercial Conveyancing;
  • Refinancing and mortgage work;
  • Commercial Leasing – Landlord and Tenant; and
  • Retail Leasing – Landlord and Tenant.

Platinum Lawyers are a Professional Property Lawyer in Sydney specialising in Conveyancing. Conveyancer Sydney.com.au is a division of Platinum Lawyers (NSW) Pty Ltd specialising in Conveyancing.

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