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Purchasing, selling or renting real estate is a difficult topic. With a flurry of contracts to be read, analysed, possibly changed and finally signed, all parties involved have their work cut out for them. Unfortunately, every year, many people involved in real estate deals end up losing parts or their entire investment due to little mistakes, guidelines and laws that have not been followed close enough. This is where conveyancers in Sydney come into play. As qualified professionals in the field of conveyancing, we support our clients with legal advice regarding contracts, house inspections, financial matters and the transfer of the title of the property in question.

Real Estate Sales

If you are the current owner of a property and you are planning on selling or refinancing your mortgage, we can assist you with the process. We will help you draft the contracts, locate your title and walk you through all of the necessary steps of the process. Should you find a possible suitor for your property, we will protect your interests by ensuring that your buyer is not only able to pay a stipulated amount, but also adjust the contracts to protect you and your property from possible fraudulent conduct.

Rent Contracts

Renting a new home or location to use for your future or existing business is a decision that can affect you for many years to come. By placing your signature on a rent contract that you haven’t fully understood and that binds you to the property for years, while overpaying may harm your financial well being or in the case of commercial rental, put your business at risk. We can go over your rent contract with you and explain every part of the agreement in detail so that there are no unpleasant surprises possible. We keep your interests in mind and ensure that you receive the contract you had envisioned.
The carries value if you are the owner of a property that you are thinking about renting or leasing to your future tenants. By signing a contract that cuts your rights short, you will likely lose out on money for years without being able of terminating the contract. By letting us assist you with the draft of your rent and lease contracts, you can ensure that your best interest will be protected and that you won’t have to lose out on potential profits due to misunderstood fine print.

Real estate purchases

Buying real estate is a big step, may it be for the first-time buyers or seasoned investors who have been making money with real estate for years. It involves many risks that start with laws and regulations imposed by the state and includes fraudulent conduct by the seller and problems with the property itself. We, as trained conveyancers are aware that not every purchase goes as planned and that our clients need our assistance to protect their interests. With our low rates and our competent team, we are the safety net for our clients, when it comes to purchasing real estate in the Blue Mountains area.

Home Inspections

Finding a beautiful property is not only hectic but also so exciting that you can easily forget about small details as home inspections. Particularly when a house is newer, buyers often expect everything to be in order and may go without a home inspection. That is where we come into play. We can advise you whether a house inspection is necessary or not and use the network that we have built over years of servicing the Blue Mountains area to find the most competent and effective contractors to check your future home, remove pests or provide you with a free quote for possible renovations to the house.
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