Buying Property Sydney

buying property sydneyOur qualified Lawyers will look after your property purchase at every stage of the Conveyancing process.


Work we do:

Contract and Conveyancing Work including:

  • Explaining to you any terms of the contract or the process that you do not understand;
  • Conducting negotiations with the vendor/seller on terms of the contract;
  • Exchanging the contract with the vendor/seller;
  • Liaising with the lender in relation to pre-settlement requirements;
  • Stamp the contract with Stamp Duty or exemption for First Home Buyer.


Preparations for settlement including:

  • Obtaining searches/enquiries required for settlement;
  • Booking settlement attendance with the lender or bank;
  • Preparation of settlement figures so that you know who is paid and how much they are paid;
  • Attending settlement on your behalf in person or via an agent; and
  • Providing you with post-settlement reporting on the settlement process and follow up on any outstanding matters arising from the conveyancing work.


Buying a property can be an overwhelming and frightening experience. You have invested time and skills into this transaction. Much of your assets depend on the success. Furthermore, there are numerous laws and regulations in New South Wales that make purchasing a home difficult to navigate. These laws and regulations date as far back as 1899, and some are as recent as 2011. Conveyancer Sydney NSW offers low stress, low risk counseling to guide you, draft necessary documents, and fully represent your interests and needs.

Prior to settlement, there are also numerous searches on the history of a property that will need to be completed with local authorities. This process is quite detailed, and it needs a professional and specialised approach. Conveyancer Sydney NSW will address such confusing and tangled searches so you don’t have to.


The process

The purchasing process happens in several steps: before contract, before completion, and after completion. Throughout these three steps, Conveyancers will provide professional and specialised guidance. Before the contract, the Conveyancer works with the client to review legal documents and discuss whether there are any outstanding requirements. If there are any requirements that must be met, the Conveyancer will work with the client in completing them and negotiating the contract. Once further requirements have been addressed, the contract will be signed.

At this point in the process, you will be concerned with a number of other practical matters, such as preparing the impending move to your new location as necessary and inspecting the new property with a Real Estate Agent. These are time consuming matters that are also vital for your success with the property. Consequently, you will not have the time to devote to completing grant forms, ordering searches, and so forth. To lessen the stress and burden of your experience, our Conveyancers will order searches, meet with your mortgage lender, prepare for the settlement such as booking meetings and preparing figures, and prepare for a property to be transferred to you. That way, you can devote yourself to preparing for the practical changes of your move while we ensure a smooth transition. We will keep your informed and updated so that you know who will be paid what amount and order any additional searches that may be required by your lender prior to settlement.

Once we’ve booked the settlement meeting, we will attend the meeting and organise Title Documents for your move. We will represent you and make your payment to the party representing the seller; then we will contact your Real Estate Agent to confirm that the settlement has occurred. While we are at this meeting, you will be preparing for your upcoming move and meeting with your Real Estate Agent to make sure you are able to access the property. Our Conveyancers will take care of the legal meetings while you begin the process of moving to a new location, all the while with the peace of mind that professional Property Lawyers are representing your needs and protecting your assets.

Our Conveyancers will also represent you not only at settlement meetings, but also at other legal liaisons necessary throughout the process, such as negotiations and contract exchanges. Once a settlement has been completed, we report to you and also address any outstanding issues relating to a property transaction.

We are here specifically to help simplify the legal process of purchasing a home and conveying your needs to the seller or lender. Our Conveyancers can guarantee peace of mind throughout the process through a balance of up-to-date reporting and taking care of legal details so that you can focus on what really matters: preparing for your new home and enjoying your last moments in your former home.

Platinum Lawyers are a Professional Conveyancer in Sydney specialising in Conveyancing. Conveyancer is a division of Platinum Lawyers (NSW) Pty Ltd.


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