Conveyancer Jobs

1.)  I am interested in your $750 fixed conveyancing fee for a property purchase. Do you review contracts free of charge?


2)  Purchase an existing 2 bedroom unit

Wolli Creek NSW

3)  Hi, I am looking for a solicitor. My ex partner and I purchased a property in QLD off the plan. We split up and now the property will be purchased in my name only and a new contract will be made (in the process). I need a solicitor to be able to make sure that this is all done properly. Could you please advise if you could assist me and how much would this cost?


4)  I m seeking an experienced lawyer who can assist me with a possession order to remove a defaulting commercial tenant.
The original lease has expired. Notice under section 129 of the Conveyancing Act 1929 has been served on tenant. Under the provisions of the expired lease, notice to terminate the agreement for lease for the period of holding over has also been served
Could you please let me know whether you are the lawyer for my case. Thanks for your reply.


5) Can you please give me a cost breakdown for conveyancing for the sale of a property of a unit in Parramatta. There is a mortgage on the property. Also interested in the costs for Conveyancing for a subsequent purchase on the lower North Shore


6) Selling our property and looking for fixed price Conveyancing services, one that is reliable and honest

7) Planning to attend an auction this weekend. Does you cost include strata report?


8) My sister and I are preparing to put our house on the market. There is no mortgage on the property. Could you please advise as to your fee for completing a Contact of Sale? Thank you.


9) Hi Conveyancing Team,
A friend of mine is a foreigner and is purchasing a block of land in Australia.  She has received a FIRB approval for this transaction. My friend intends to come to Australia in approx. 2 weeks.
Could you please advise the following:
•       What is your fee for assisting my friend with this transaction?
•       When my friend comes to Sydney, will she see you at the Sydney Office .  What documents will my friend need to bring with her?
•       If my friend is able to transfer funds to your trust account for deposits and final payments, can my friend go back overseas while you are helping her to complete the transaction and arrange settlement?
•       Will you be able to help my friend with registration of the title in her name and pay government fees for registration.  What are the fees associated with this process.
It would be great if you could get back to me as soon as possible.


10) Buying Properties


11) Hi,Please email a full cost (including disbursement and any other third party cost)  quote for  House and Land package


12) Hi, i’m looking for a conveyancer to sell my Warwick Farm property and interested in your Fixed Fee offer.


13) Hi,
My name is XYZ, and I am executor for my late fathers estate. (passed away 13 09 2015)
We have not long been granted probate, and I was not happy with the service we received from the solicitor who did probate.
I believe my partner may have used you guys to do conveyancing on the property we live in now, so I thought I would contact you.
Anyway, I was hoping you might be able to give me some advise, and help on transfer of my dads estate to us and what time lines/costs we might be up for.
What is needed to transfer property into the beneficiaries names, and how long do we have to do this?
As I work silly hours, email is my preferred way of contact, but if needed, I can arrange a time that suits to call.
I look forward to hearing from you soon


14) I’m after a quote for conveyancing on an off the plan townhouse in Warriewood. Are you able to assist?


15) Please specify what the eligibility is for the $750 fixed price deal is?


16) Hi, I’d like to inquire that is the cost based on number of contracts reviewed or  payable only when the contract is signed.


17) Please call me to discuss some conveyancing issues.

Blue Mountains

18) I am inquiring on behalf of my brother who currently owns an investment property. He currently has 95% ownership on the title and our mother has 5% ownership on the title. This was done so he could obtain financing for the property back in 2011. However, my brother and my mother would now like my brother to be the full 100% owner on the title of the property. Therefore, can you please provide a quote for how much it would cost to do all the legal paperwork for this.


19) I’m looking for quotes now on conveyancing.  Situation as follows:

1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 car spot + storage ground floor unit with private courtyard in the following development. Yet to start building. Expected price to be 650k. I have until 16/1/17 to either sign the contract or back out no penalties.

I’m still waiting on a full final contract which I hope to have by the end of this week.  Some delays with getting info over xmas/new years for obvious reasons.

I don’t really know how this works with the off plan.  I guess I’m just looking to get costs that include all the checks and advice I need pre contract signing and then on the other side of the build job all the pre and post settlement checks and transfers etc.  A fixed cost assuming no strange unforeseen circumstances.

Anyway I look forward to hearing from you.


20) Type of Service: Conveyancer
I have purchased an apartment in Forster.


21) Can you please quote for conveyance cost for purchase of an existing landed property in Sydney?


22) I would like a quote as I am purchasing an investment property.


23) I would like to enquire about this offer as I am buying land in Repton NSW


24) Buying Land

Hills District

25) I am looking for a conveyancer to review a contract ASAP (we being the buyers, I’m ready to send it to you) and go ahead with the rest of the process. Can you please reply via email and I’ll call you back and send the doc?

North Shore Lower

26) I am looking to purchase an investment property (apartment).


27) I’m after a quote for the sale of a house. Thanks


28) We are looking to buy and sell our property in Leichhardt.


29) Purchasing an exiting house, seeking a fee proposal and any other additional fee that I will have to be aware of not included in your quote


30) We are in process of reserving a block of land (part of land and home package) due for settlement in late 2018 and need assistance with conveyancing. Could you please provide us with a quote for your services.

North Sydney

31) Hello, hoping to purchase a residential property soon and looking for a conveyancer. Would be grateful for a price estimate.


32) We want to sell a townhouse, which is in Eastlakes

East Lakes 

33) Please advise if you do Transfer of Lease and Sale of Business contracts.


34) My offer has been accepted for a property and I have deposited 0.25%
Please suggest how much do you charge incl GST ?

Eastern Suburb

35) It would be appreciated if you could accept to be my conveyancer.


36) Enquire cost of conveyance

Northern Beaches 

37) Hi, My partner and I are looking to purchase a house (for us to live in). We will need the assistance of a conveyancer, could you please let me know how we qualify for the offer of $750. thanks


38) Do you have expertise in helping buying off the plan apartments? Would that be $750? Thanks


39) Off plan apartment unit


40) Hi, i would like to get the conveyancing done for purchasing a free standing established home on mortgage in Sydney. Please confirm the cost is $750 as specified on this website and inform where i can send the contract?


41) I am selling an investment house in Cessnock.
I am looking for a low cost solicitor/conveyance to look after all the legal/paper work for selling this house.
What can you offer?


42) We are selling our unit in Ashfield and will require a conveyancer throughout the whole process.  Please advise how much is your fee plus disbursements?


43) Hi I have a House and Land package in Leppington. They have asked if I had a conveyancer to forward the land contract, would you be able to assist me with this please?We are a first home buyer and have pre-approval for mortgage with Westpac


44) Wanted to discuss conveyancing costs

Bellambi Street

45) Conveyancing costs please


46) How much do you charge including everything(including disbursements, gst and other cost). An established Property price less than 650,000 in Sydney. Can you review the contract for free before making any amendments / paying the deposit? when do I have to pay the conveyancer? please reply by email only.


47) Do you  cover properties (purchasing) in the hunter valley ? Dungog Shire Council area


48) Quote to purchase villa in NSW not in Sydney necessarily.


49) Quote for buying first home off the plan in Western Sydney please including lodging forms with OSR etc.

Western Sydney

50) Will be selling my unit in Coogee this month. I was looking to see what price you charge for this service.


51)  Hi, can you please confirm your conveyancing service for owner occupied home purchase is fixed price (all inclusive no more to pay) at $750?
Please contact me ASAP as we are planning to attend the auction for a house in Cherrybrook.


52) We live in Newington but have just placed an offer on a house in Victoria, as we are due to relocate next year for my husbands work. Our offer has been accepted by the vendor. We are currently working with the bank to go from pre approval to having everything worked out, so in a short time we will require a conveyancing lawyer to assist us with our purchase. Could you please provide us with a quote?


53) I purchased a home on Saturday at auction for $3,025,000 with a 4 months delayed settlement . Standard contract .
Please provide a fixed fee to complete this transaction .


54) Would you be able to provide a quote via email for buying a off the plan property due completion next year Oct

North Shore

55) I would like to engage your services to purchase a lot and you will receive paperwork late this week .
Please let me know if any issues


56) Buying a Unit.


57) Inquiry about your solicitor fees on assisting us on land purchase.


58) Just after a quote for the conveyancing service for a simple private treaty purchase.


59) I would like a price guide for hiring a conveyancer when buying a home.


60) We have purchased a property and just need conveyancing to complete settlement we do not require advice on the contract of sale or otherwise.


61) We are buying our first home and need conveyancing service. Please email us asap.

Condell Park

62) I have just finalised an offer on an established apartment in Miranda and would like a quote on your conveyancing services.


63) I have prepared a contract/s for sale and need someone to take the deposit and assist with closing. How much do you charge? There may be up to 6 sales.for 5 properties.



65) I have a buyer interested in our property(My husband and i). The property is a freehold, we have agreed on a price. The property is in our joint names. I would like to know the time frame for the process weeks? and what are your fees. I am seeking for your service to act on our behalf for the sale of the said property by looking for a buyer to kick start the process.

66) I am purchasing a unit in Wentworthville and looking for a quote for a conveyancer.