Conveyancer Guide to Moving House

Moving house can be an exhausting process with seemingly endless steps to remember. We have compiled a list of “to do” that you can follow as closely as you desire.


8 to 5 Weeks

  • Set a moving day
  • Investigate removalists and obtain quotes
  • Compile a list of frozen/perishable food supplies
  • Make sure that large appliances and furniture fit into your new home
  • Arrange to have your mail sent to your new address
  • Let your friends and family know you’re moving
  • Inventory your belongings
  • Decide when and how to pack
  • Collect cardboard boxes
  • If applicable, find a new school for your children


4 Weeks

  • Collect your family’s dental, medical, and school records for your new location
  • If you are renting, tell your landlord you are moving


3 Weeks

  • Let your accountant, insurance companies, and clubs know that you’re moving
  • Start packing


For the remaining recommendations, open up the PDF file “Counting to Moving Day.” We’ve also provided you with links to services that will assist you in the disconnection and reconnection of services along with links to Australia Post, Telstra, and the Electoral Office.


Connection of Services

Many companies offer an all-utilities connection service. Most services are free for customers.


Other Useful Links

Telstra Moving Home – This site gives advice on how to register a move with Telstra, as well as other tips and information to assist you in the moving process.

Victorian Electoral Commission – Contact details for getting change of address files.