Our Fees Low Cost

“Platinum Lawyers is committed to low cost Fixed Fee Conveyancing”


Includes our Professional Fee, Disbursements and GST*


Disbursements Include:

a. Section 603 Certificate which shows the council rates for the property
b. Section 66 Certificate which shows the water rates for the property
c. Section 47 Certificate which shows if any land tax is payable for the property
d. Final Title Search
e. Settlement Fee


Professional Fee includes:

a. Review the contract for sale and negotiate any amendments you wish to make
b. Order any reports you require such as pest, building, survey and strata report
c. Liaise with your lender to ensure your loan is approved
d. Review the contract to ensure it is ready to proceed with being signed by both parties
e. Meet you face-to-face or send the contract to you for signing
f. Send the contract signed by you to the vendor’s solicitor to be exchanged
g. Order and check all remaining searches
h. Advise you of any additional searches that may be required by your lender
i. Assist you to meet any requirements imposed on you by your lender
j. Assist you to complete the First Home buyers stamp duty exemption form (if required)
k. Liaise with lender to ensure they are prepared or settlement
l. Prepare settlement figures and book settlement with your lender and the seller’s solicitor
m. Prepare a property transfer and arrange to have the Transfer and Contract for Sale stamped
n. Advise you and your lender of cheque details for settlement.
o. Attend settlement and ensure that all Title Documents are in order
p. Pay settlement monies as instructed to seller’s solicitor
q. Contact you and the real estate agent to confirm that the settlement has taken place
r. For purchases without a mortgage, lodge the Transfer and Notice of Sale with the Department of Lands and then send you your Title Deed when it has been registered
s. Send you a final reporting letter
t. We will keep your file for seven years. This makes it easier for us when you decide to sell your property in the future.


Our Professional Fee is intended to include all our time for working on your matter from start to finish.

Contact us for any further information about our fees.


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