Points To Consider When Hiring A Conveyancer

Posted on April 28th, 2017

Conveyancers are lawyers that deal or help deal with the legal aspects of selling or purchasing a property. It is a common belief to hire a local conveyancer, but the process is same in most parts of Australia so it doesn’t matter where your conveyancer is located.
Granted, hiring a local conveyancer is easier because they are more readily available and easy to approach or contact. That being said, it is not entirely necessary that your local conveyancer is the best option in your interest. Although it is an aspect that is definitely advantageous when hiring a conveyancer, there are other points you should prioritise before you focus on the location of the conveyancer you choose to hire.

Some points that are more important than the location are listed below:

1. What they charge?

When you are on the lookout for a conveyancer, make sure you know what they charge their customers. Explore your options to compare the prices of different conveyancers as local ones can turn out to be more expensive. This is because they know that people prefer to hire locally based conveyancers.

2. Are they specialised Conveyancers?

Although many law firms claim to offer conveyancing services, not all of them specialise in conveyancing. It’s not necessary that a law firm in your area offers specialised lawyers who only deal with conveyancing services. Pick a law firm or a conveyancer that you know has a focus on conveyancing services.

3. Do they offer quality services?

It is not uncommon for law firms to lure in customers by claiming that they offer the best Conveyancing services. To confirm, make sure you look at your options and compare their services. Online reviews and service awards can help you determine the quality of a service a certain law firm provides. Older, more established companies often have better quality of services as compared to smaller companies because they have a reputation to maintain.

4. Estate Agent recommended Conveyancer?

More often than not, when you are trying to Buy or Sell a property, your property dealer or estate agent recommends a certain conveyancer or law firm to help you with the legal aspects of the deal.

Although they might be trying to help, estate agents sometimes get paid for any client that hires a conveyancer through them. There are many law firms that give a certain percentage of their charges to real estate agents for passing on clients to them. Going with this recommendation might be risky.

Choosing the right Conveyancer is vital. Sale and purchase of real estate is not something to be gambled with and it is very important to hire a conveyancer that has your best interest at mind. Conveyancer Sydney has a great team of Conveyancers on board. Call now at (02) 8084 2764 for further information.