Retail Lease Sydney

We are experienced in reviewing and preparing Retail and Commercial leases.


We can protect you by:

  • Negotiating on your behalf to see fair and reasonable terms of lease;
  • Advise you whether the lease reflects the commercial terms you require;
  • Ensuring the Landlord has clear title;
  • Advising whether a mortgagee’s consent is required.
  • Check compliance with the Retail Shop Leases Act.
  • We can advise on associated matters such as whether there are any parking rights and also any Body Corporate responsibilities (if applicable).


We can review and negotiate your retail or commercial lease so that you have certainty with regard to the key terms along with the comfort that there no “hidden” terms that will later become detrimental to your business.


Amongst other things, you should consider:

  • the initial rent and method of increasing the rent;
  • your ability to transfer or assign the lease, and the expense of doing so;
  • the possibility of subletting the premises;
  • your rights to end the lease if the premises is damaged or destroyed;
  • duration of the lease and your right to renew it;
  • who pays for outgoing and other charges;
  • the types of insurance required and who contains it;
  • the consequences of failing to pay rent; and
  • ways of resolving disputes.


Whether you are just starting your retail business, or you are an experienced business person looking to lease a new retail space, our Conveyancers can help protect your interests and the interests of your business with specialised counseling. It is important that your business has the perfect space to grow and become successful. Conveyancer Sydney NSW can help ensure that you secure a retail space with reasonable terms.

Leasing can be just as stressful as purchasing or selling a property, and there can be hidden terms that surprise you or perhaps a term that you didn’t realise could be detrimental. While our Conveyancers will provide expert guidance on your lease and negotiate, you can focus on other important matters for your business, like preparing for moving into a new space, day-to-day retail, and ensuring future success. We can review the lease to help secure that success and allow you to focus on other practical matters. Meanwhile, we can also protect your assets and your interests from potential harm that may be hidden in a lease or ensuring that the lease reflects your commercial interests.


What we can do for you

As with any property transaction in New South Wales, there are numerous laws and regulations that could potentially affect your lease. Our professional Property Lawyers can guarantee knowledge of local laws and assure compliance with them, including the Retail Shop Act. We can also perform a search to ensure that the landlord has a clear title for the land, which is extremely important if you will be leasing the property.

Retail and commercial leases can be many pages long, with enumerated terms and legal jargon. We understand that, as a businessperson, you have other important matters to attend to. We can simplify the process while simultaneously guaranteeing fair terms. Additionally, we can provide guidance for what your responsibilities will be on the premises, including the rent you will be required to pay, what happens if you can’t pay rent, and so forth. Our experts will help assist you so that you have the best chance of success in your new location as possible.

Conveyancer Sydney NSW can highlight key terms and ensure that these key terms not only correspond to your retail business’s needs but that you also understand them and that they suit your vision for success. This property will become an important facet of your retail business, and our Conveyancers can help make your vision become a reality. We will communicate with the landlord and negotiate terms so that your vision for your business and your career comes to fruition. In doing so, we will assist in protecting your assets and your interests throughout every stage, from negotiation to signature, to assuring your understanding of important duties required by the lease such as rent payment.

Whether your retail location will be a new boutique or a satellite location for an established retail enterprise, or whether you’ve decided to move your current retail business to a new location, we can help you achieve the retail success that you envision for your business. We will help you succeed by negotiating for your needs and interests and ensuring your full understanding of the key terms of the lease. For a low stress, low risk experience, visit Conveyancer Sydney NSW and let us protect your interests.

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