Selling Property Sydney

Our qualified Lawyers will look after your property purchase at every stage of the Conveyancing process.


Work We Do

Contract and conveyancing work including:

  • Explaining to you any terms of the contract or the process that you do not understand;
  • Conducting negotiations with the vendor/buyer on terms of the contract;
  • Exchanging the contract with the vendor/buyer;
  • Liaising with the lender in relation to pre-settlement requirements;
  • Stamp the contract with Stamp Duty


Preparations for settlement including:

  • Obtaining searches/enquiries required for settlement;
  • Booking settlement attendance with the lender or bank;
  • Preparation of settlement figures so that you know who is paid and how much they are paid;
  • Attending settlement on your behalf in person or via an agent for Real Estate Sale; and
  • Providing you with post-settlement reporting on the settlement process and follow up on any outstanding matters arising from the conveyancing work.


While buying has its own stresses and worries, selling can be equally as confusing and stressful. With the advice of professional Property Lawyers, you can rest assured that your needs and interests are represented and protected. Our Conveyancers can guarantee a low stress, low risk experience at a low cost fixed fee. Let our Conveyancers address the minute legal details made more confusing by over a century of legislation and regulation. State laws regarding Conveyancing differ between states. Our Conveyancers guarantee a specialised knowledge in Sydney and NSW Conveyancing laws, some dating back to 1899 and others as recent as 2011.


The process

The Conveyancing process occurs in three stages: before contract, before completion, and after completion. Throughout these three steps, we will work with you and your Real Estate Agent to ensure a smooth transaction that will leave you and the buyers satisfied and stress free. Whether you are a savvy investor selling a property or simply someone moving on to a new location, we can help you through the murky legal system surrounding the Conveyancing process. With good counsel, you can protect your assets and interests as you move forward to your new endeavors.

As a seller, it is your responsibility to provide your Real Estate Agent with a contract prior to offering your property for sale. There are numerous details needed for this contract, including searches, negotiations, and general inquiries. With your contract, the buyer’s Conveyancer or solicitor will be able to determine what searches need to be done and will be able to decide what terms to negotiate in the contract or what amendments to propose. For efficient and effective selling experience, a skilled Conveyancer must draft your contract in order to ensure a smooth and low stress process. You will then give this contract to the Real Estate Agent, who will then list your property for sale.

During this time, you may also be attending to other practical matters in your life, including looking for a new property to purchase, preparing to move to a new property, or looking for new investment opportunities. We understand that these details are important and most likely time consuming, and as your representative, your Conveyancer will address necessary legal details in order to make the transition possible. Your Conveyancer will draft the contract at your instruction, perform searches necessary for the drafting of the contract, negotiate the details of the contract with prospective buyers and their Conveyancers, and draft necessary amendments. Meanwhile, you can attend to the other details of your career and personal life that will be affected by this transaction with the peace of mind that an expert is handling your affairs.

Once the contract has been signed, your responsibilities as the seller decrease to a few simple steps assisted by our Conveyancers. We will exchange your contract with a buyer’s Conveyancer for the purpose of signing. After that, we will assist in liaising with your lender to notify them that you sold the property. We will help you send necessary documentation, such as a signed discharge authority, in order to ensure the completion of the transaction. Meanwhile, the buyer will be preparing final searches, inspections, and finalising the settlement. Your Conveyancer will have provided a low stress, low cost service at a fixed fee, keeping you updated and informed throughout the process while simultaneously representing your needs and protecting your assets.

There is a risk involved when engaging in property transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, the process can be risky and stressful since both parties have to protect assets and investments and a flat deal can be heartbreaking. Skilled Conveyancers and Real Estate Agents can help lower the involved risk and lower your stress so that you can focus on important details necessary for your personal or career success.

Platinum Lawyers are a Professional Conveyancer in Sydney specialising in Conveyancing. Conveyancer is a division of Platinum Lawyers (NSW) Pty Ltd.


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