Tips For Finding The Right Conveyancer

Posted on January 25th, 2017

A good Conveyancer can make all of the difference to your property buying and selling experience. If you find a law firm with a strong conveyancing team on board, they will be able to handle the legal side of Buying and Selling your home, which includes transferring the ownership of the property to you or your buyers.

They will keep you informed as well as assist and support you during a hectic and stressful time. When you hire a good family law team, it will manage your contracts, offer legal advice, carry out searches, deal with land registry, and transfer funds to pay for your property – everything is covered in the deal.

Similarly, if you choose an uncommunicative, disorganised conveyancing team, they could make the process drag on needlessly, which can result in delaying of the sale or even a failure.

But how do you find the right conveyancer for the job? Here are a few top tips:

Ask for recommendations 

The best way to find a reliable and reputable conveyancer is to go by recommendations from your friends and family members. They can suggest you firms to consider or avoid based on their experiences. You can even ask your estate agent or financial advisor, but remember, their suggestions might be biased as they may receive a commission for passing business to specific firms.

Get Quotes 

It’s well worth getting a number of quotes as the cost of conveyancing services can vary dramatically. Remember, cheapest doesn’t always equal best and similarly expensive doesn’t mean they are always the best too. Double check that the quote is for the complete services with no hidden costs.

Consult Your Mortgage Provider 

Mortgage lenders usually only deal with conveyancers and solicitors who are mentioned on their approved panel.

Check Their Credentials 

No matter what everyone else recommends you, choose a solicitor from the Members of the Law Society and someone who is also a part of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. Conveyancers also must belong to the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

Check For Local Options 

Good communication means a good conveyancing experience. It can help someone local so you can pop into the office if needed. This can also save you time when posting out documents.

Consider Online Options

If you’re looking for someone you can contact round the clock, an online conveyancer might suit you as you can be happy to deal with them by phone and email only. But, it may also create some problems if you don’t have one-on-one meetings, so weigh your options cleverly.

Check Their Availability

It can hold things up significantly if your conveyancer isn’t available when you need them. When you think your sale might be progressing, check if they have any holidays booked already. Ask if there is anyone else who will step in their absence for any reason. This is why a team is always preferable as compared to an individual solicitor.